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      Hey guys, I’m new to riding a 29er and had problems finding tires. My rim says 700cX28c/38c, but my tires are 29×52. It’s hard to find the 29×52 size and I really want some on road off road hybrid tires. Could anyone recommend some? I’m open to all tires, but can’t have any that are overly aggressive for riding street and trails. Thanks in advance.

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      A lot of that decision depends on what bike you’re riding and on what surface you’re riding; so without knowing some more details it’s difficult to advise you.

      Some generic advice would be that both 29er and 700c conform to the same XX-622 ISO standard so you can mount almost any road, cyclocross or 29er tyre on them; although a significant disparity between tyre and rim width will cause issues.

      That its marked “28/38” suggests it’s a fairly narrow rim which would be suited to a wider cyclocross tyre, something like a Continental Cyclocross Speed Tyre in 35mm, or a narrower 29er tyre, like a Specialized Fast Trak in 2.0 (49mm).

      “Good off road” and “good on road” are mutually exclusive when it comes to tyres, so anything you buy to try and do both jobs will be a compromise. Which way you go with this compromise really does depend on what you’re using your bike for: your post suggests you’re putting in a lot of road miles. Maybe look at something from the 40-42mm cyclocross/commuter class like a Clement X’PLOR MSO in 40mm.

      Feel free to PM me if I can help.

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      Jenson has Kenda Slant Six Pro Cyclocross Tire for $24, It is a 2.0 in tire that should be good for all around.

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      It’s a 29er so I’d just stick with shopping 29″ tires. You have to decide on what width and tread pattern you like. Id check out the reviews section for options and this site should give you some ideas.

      They have good customer service if you feel you need to contact them for size questions but for the most part a 29″ tire fits a 29er bike.

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