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      Hey everyone! New to the site and to mountain biking. Just got a bike last week and my wife nearly beat me for spending only $650! Got me curious as to how much the average rider pays for just their stock bike? I told her it’s probably around $1500 with all the santa cruz’s, yeti’s, full suspensions, etc.

      So how much did you pay?!

      And if you’re ever out riding and see someone pushing their Felt up a hill it’s probably me! Shout a hello as you blaze pass. And hopefully it won’t be long and I won’t have to walk it up. 😀

      – Jeremy

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      Good question…

      I paid around $700 (I think) for my bike and I’ve been riding it for 8 or 9 years now! But, according to our ongoing survey (just over 1500 responses so far), 44% of singletracks folks plan on spending $1500+ for their NEXT bike. The real question is what did folks spend on their CURRENT bike – might be a good bit different …

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      2007 Stump Jumper elite,I paid $2500.

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      $1700 for ’05 Trek Fuel EX8….but a little more for my next bike (’08 Blur LT) 😃

      A buddy of mine just paid about $750 for a Mongoose..great frame but components are wearing out a little too fast.

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      So, if I post the right number and your wife allows you back in bed with her does that mean I get some $s from you to use toward my next bike?? 😆

      I think I paid about $1,400 for my Trek Fuel 90 about six years ago. You may not want to tell her that in the years since I have pumped hundreds of dollars more into it for tires, chains, new wheels, brakes, pedals, cassettes, rings, seat, deraileurs, broken frames, (yes, I now have a completely new frame), shock rebuilds, etc. Its a sport that keeps on taking! But it is so worth it.

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      Thanks everyone for the responses!

      Yeah I was hoping to spend about 12-1500 next year for a bike I could use on the road and for a tri. But I’ve already had to promise to let her spend all the money we get from taxes next year on whatever she wants! haha

      That’s fine though since I’ve gotten some good riding already. Been waking up at 5am each morning to ride for 30mins to an hour before coming back and getting ready for work.

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      If you want to save a few hundred bucks you could skip the disc brakes (or put the money into an upgraded fork instead). Even in Colorado, I think disc brakes are overrated for the recreational rider. I’ve riden most trails on the front range and can say my pads have worked out just fine (even screaming down Apex). Have changed them once in 3 years.

      On the other hand, full suspension is REALLY nice for the trails out here.. worth every penny but you get what you pay for. Don’t go too cheap.

      Good luck! I’ll look for you! My favs are Lair o the Bear, White Ranch, Deer Creek.


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      Hey JB!

      Thanks for responding.

      As for the bike I ended up with it a Felt Q620. Got it at Golden Bike Shop. Probably the coolest guys I met while looking around at the various local shops. Gonna be some upgrading to do over the next couple years and then I’ll get a FS frame (hopefully like a ellsworth, kona, or rocky mountain) and put all the goodies onto it!

      Haven’t hit any of those trails yet. So far I did Waterton Canyon and this little trail next to my apartment though it’s got a hill that I haven’t been able to ride to the top yet! Sad sad! Anyways my legs will get there soon. Probably gonna hit Green Mountain this coming week(end) and then maybe i’ll be going to Deer Creek or White Ranch.

      See you out there!

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      It doesn’t matter how much your rig cost if your grinning, well… maybe it matters to your wife?! 😃

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      I spent $440.00 on my bike when I bought it. I then turned around and spent $1000.00 rebuilding with the components that I wanted. I now have a $1440.00 that is the only one like it in the MTB world 😆

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      I bought my ’03 Giant NRS2 new in 2005 and I think I paid about $1200. It has full suspension and disc brakes. I think my next mtb will be either a hardtail or have really good rear suspension. The disc brakes I can’t do without anymore. I bought the bike when I was living in San Diego and used it 3-4 times a week on some pretty grueling trails, and nothing broke on it until I moved here last summer. Overall I’ve been very happy with the bike I bought, I got some better components and the bike is really light, especially for the price, compared with the current year’s models in that price range.

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      I’ve still got all of ya’ll beat. 😼 $5200, and that’s just for starters on my bike. My Wife shelled out around $4200 for hers at the same time, and I’ve done some upgrading to my Santa Cruz since then. And IIRC, her newest GF was about $2600.

      But there’s no need for all that, unless someones shooting for their "dream bike", which is what we did. It’s entirely possible to pick up a top-o’-th’-line for ’06 bike used for 1/3-1/2 the cost of a new ’08 model. Or as many here have done, buy a $500-$800 starter rig and upgrade it later on. Bear in mind though, it’s always more expensive to buy new components than it is to buy a bike with them already fitted from the factory.

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