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      I need to replace the washers on my Banshee Screams suspension linkage, the stock washers are plastic-like material, which is not available at the local hardware store. I tried rubber and it blew out quickly as expected. Can I use metal? Maybe a soft metal?

      Also, does anyone know where I can find replacement bolts. Banshee is difficult to get in touch with and they are some kind of specialized bolt. I thought maybe someone has had a similar issue and could suggest a website that carries specialty bolts. I have even tried to get a bike shop to contact banshee without success.

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      I believe that you are referring to the "bushings". You will need specific ones for your bike’s make and model. You might also need some lock-tight for the the bolts as well; probably the blue stuff.

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      Try this link for bolts and washers dude,it looks like it might have what your looking for.I found this link in the craziest of places…….hahahaha.

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      Lookng at your picture. I think your going to have to contact the LBS that you got the frame from or Banshee directly..Those bolts are considered components of the bike and not reqularly produced…

      General Inquiries – [email protected]
      Sales & Marketing – [email protected]
      Technical Sales – [email protected]

      or here are a few dealers.

      366 SOUTH TUSTIN
      Orange, California
      (714) 288-2012

      12310 World trade Dr #107
      San Diego, California
      (858) 673-8800

      1358 Route 30
      Laughlintown, Pennsylvania
      (724) 238-7181

      I am sure one of those folks will get help you.

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      Cool, thanks for the help. Looks like im gonna have to go through one of Banshees distributors.

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      For general nuts and bolts for bikes I just go here:

      They sell nearly all the bolts I need in Titanium

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