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      I am new for MBT. Just found this ad on local craigslist. Anyone familiar with this model? Do you think this is a good deal?

      The bike is in good shape, just over 130 miles are on the frame, the frame size is ADULT LARGE with no dent. Link to the original factor specs.…5747&Type=bike
      Just came out of the shop.



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      First off welcome aboard. Specialized make great bikes including that one as well…First off i need to know your height before i can say if it fits or not.

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      Ooops i missed the year of the bike, that bike is 8 years old. Now i am not sure but you said 130 miles ….Total or since a new frame (I am also not sure on that)..Anyhow if its that old fatigue may take into play. Tires may be an issue as well..They do dry out after a while. Cables may need replacing….Anyhow best to look at the bike before you commit. But as I said before Its a decent bike otherwise…

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      Hi element22,

      Thanks for your reply. I am 5’11" and the bike frame is large. I only ride the bike in local park for cross country in the weekend.


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      The seller said he bough the bike 6 month ago, and paid more than $2000 by then including the upgrating.

      So 2001 model is still available in store, or he just bought the frame and rebuild it…

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      Depending how much the person wants for the bike it should be a decent deal…Just test it out first make sure the shifting is still crisp and the brakes work well, the wheels are straight and feel smooth when you spin them…The size should be fine for a person your height.


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