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      I’m going to be upgrading my 2×10 drivetrain to a Shimano XT 1×12.

      While my current crankset’s Q-Factor is 175mm and the chainline is 48.8mm, the Shimano XT 1×12 has a Q-Factor of 172mm and the chainline is 52mm.

      What, if any, affect will this have on my bike? I’m primarily riding slow tech trails.

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      The best advantages (in my opinion) since you’re riding tech trails would have to be maneuverability. Now you will have a much better lower range to creep through those corners if need be.

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      Manueuvarability – yes, absolutely. I can certainly see that as an advantage.

      Is it possible to update to a 1×12 drivetrain and retain a 49mm chainline?

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