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      I’m building a small drop at a local trail and went out for a few test runs a week or so ago.The drop is not that big at the moment,maybe 2 feet,but the landing is basically singletrack width with a tree on my left.On my right was my girlfriend and the camera,eye level the the ends of the bars and just as close as the tree.Here is the resulting photo…


      Pure Concentration,haha.

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      The look on your face is just too funny bro…. 😆 😆 😆

      Looks like your ready to bomb a tree by the look of your face or maybe even dropping a bomb… 😆 😆 😆

      Bro, if you ever had the opportunity to shred our beloved GFT, you would be in fifth heaven. Maybe a short loop, but the elevation change is awesome among all the other wild & great mix up of tech to ride.


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      hehe, "Seatpostgoeswhere?"

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      LMAO!! Great pic!

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      "schwim" wrote

      hehe, "Seatpostgoeswhere?"

      Haha! That’s great!

      It was just too awesome of a shot not to share,as goofy as it looks,haha.

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      A man after my own heart. An inability to laugh at ourselves makes for a very loooooong residency 😀

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