Purchased my first real mountain bike. One problem.

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      <p style=”text-align: right;”>I purchased a Trek X Caliber at my local bike shop but it will not fit on my bike rack. It’s a tow hitch hanging rack and the bar on my bike is wider and more square like and doesnt fit. Are there any budget friendly tow hitch bike racks that can hold at least 3 bikes? Im looking at one made by Curt that holds 4 and has adjustable rubber clamps to hold the frame. Its $300 but I found one on ebay for $150. I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.</p>

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      I always owned and considered the rack style carriers because budget (kids, wife at home, couldn’t spend money lightly).  The bikes always moved slightly while driving and dirt would rub the paint off.  I never found one that really solved the problem.  When my son’s bike frame shape didn’t fit I had to make another change. The narrow racks did not hold bikes very well and the wide ones did not go in the frame. In the end I found a used tray type that holds the bike by the wheels/tires (Thule). The bike carrier is a get what you pay for proposition, unfortunately.

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      Tray all the way baby.

      A hanging rack once scratched a huge amount of paint off my brand new down tube.

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      So what would be the best type for my bike? Tray or is their another option. I need something that will hold my bike plus to regular bikes. If I have to pay a little more i will. Thanks.

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        I use the Thule T2 Pro XT and I love it.

        Fits a huge range of bikes, kids to adults, road bikes to fat bikes…

        It’s very stable and has NO contact with the frame.

        Been using it for several seasons and have taken long trips with it, New York to Miami, with no issues.  The only thing I can complain about, the built in bike locks are only good for a mild deterrent, not true security.

        That can easily be fixed by getting a good bike lock and securing it to the frame. I only do that if my bike could be unattended for some time, so rarely.

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      The Saris Bike Beam is great for hanging style racks. https://www.saris.com/product/bike-beam

      The tray style rack that I have is the 1up. It is a super simple design, but a bit pricey. https://www.1up-usa.com/product-category/bike-racks/

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      I had the same issue. Bought a bike out of town and didn’t realize my hanging rack wouldn’t work. I had just bought the rack so I didn’t want it to go to waste so I bought a cross bar adapter (attaches the seat tube to the handlebar stem). Allows new geometry to be able to be hung on hanging racks. Just got to look out for clearance issues, mine is on a lifted jeep so I don’t have that issue, but if I ride with my girlfriend, I have to take off my wheels if I don’t want them to be vulnerable to hitting the pavement on bumps or something. I’m using the “Saris Bike Beam” and it’s $42 on Amazon.

      I will be getting a 1up tray style when the funds allow it, but I’ve been using a cross bar for a few years now with no issues.

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      If you ant to carry a minimum of 3 bikes, this style by Curt is your cheapest option. I have the original which was made by a company named SportRack if I remember correctly (it was back in 2010/11) so I apologize. It was in the $250 range at the time. https://www.etrailer.com/Hitch-Bike-Racks/Curt/C18087.html

      However, if you know you’re going to be biking for the long term, there is nothing better than the 1Up already mentioned by a few others. If you ever go to a bike festival where everybody is rolling around with multiple $5000+ bikes on their car, 50-60% of those people have the 1Up racks. The design isn’t perfect but it’s pretty darn close. https://www.1up-usa.com/product-category/bike-racks/


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