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      Hey everybody, some of you may have seen my post in the General Discussion forum…
      Well we are from CT and this entire adventure will be starting in VT, MA, CT, NY, MD….etc…
      Figured it made sense to post here as well…
      It is a massive trip, 7,543-8,800 miles…

      This link is for a gofundme page however it also includes the route we will be taking, and explains the goal of what we are trying to do, it is a rather massive amount and we are looking for help of all sorts beyond just financial, take a look give it a read and possibly share it, at the very least its a story that I can assure you is quite different then what you hear everyday!

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      We are looking for far more than donations of financial value…If you really enjoy riding and are anywhere along the route and may be interested in meeting up, helping out, whatever please let me know here or on facebook Tom Ninelives

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      Just an update, it was Mike’s step-father and he is currently recovering. We will be riding for both National Stroke Association and National Heart Association as we have just been informed this won’t be a problem!

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      Synopsis of Project WanderSpire: A 7,543(via google maps)-8,800 (total distance once side trails are factored in) Mile long Mountain Bike Ride for Stroke, taking place March 2016, that includes visiting Hospitals, Patients, Youth Groups, New Friends, BikePack TripleCrown, Dozens of SideTrails, Documented via picture and video then produced, SPOT Tracked, and oh so much more!

      I myself suffered a stroke albeit in my spinal column (neck C4 and C7) as well as have had a heart attack, and a ton more.

      Please take a look at this page and simply share or like and if you so choose donate either money, time, help, support…Hell just join us for a ride, thats what this is afterall, a ride…I’ve missed riding and I’m finally ready to start again, my buddy Michael grew up riding and is stoked. We’ll be visiting a ton of places so odds are we’ll be close by and who knows maybe it’ll pay off for you…I am beyond excited to announce we have several sponsors of varying degrees including one that I know has made everyone thus far who has heard rather jealous…We can’t promise ya’ll anything other than a good time but as we are filming this all it will be exposure and EVERYONE who helps us will receive recognition and a free digital copy upon completion..So check out our page, if you scroll down it lists all the current states and a general outline of trails…Get in touch with me here or facebook (Tom Ninelives) if you’re interested in any way.

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      National Stroke Association fundraising page is now up and active

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      Anyone in CT want to ride?

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      Some sad (depending how you look at it) news…My teammate Michael Dionne blew off to many responsibilities and never owned up for them so for this reason he is no longer a part of this. I am looking for a new rider, all the benefits that were setup for him will be transferred to whomever is his replacement so I am now seeing who is interested. If anyone is slightly interested please get in touch with me, I’ll answer any and all questions, fill you in on all the details…Even if you can’t join the entire trip feel free to get in contact and join for any section. Being local is not necessary.

      Some good news, I’ve put in close to 50 hours of riding in my first two weeks back, have met some great people, and progressing nearly every time I ride.

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