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      I have an old 90’s cannondale super v that’s been in a shed for years. I’d like to get it going and modernise it. The forks are not compressing tho so may need to buy replacement but what size etc. I have a deore 1×10 set up I’d like to install but what bb? Also can the frame disc brakes

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      If you are going to modernize it,  you might be better off getting a new bike.    Of course,  a lot of people like to revitalize the old classics and that bike would definitely qualify.  Arguably it would be worth more in serviced, stock condition.  By the time you do all the things to get it going you will have a lot of $ wrapped up and it would still have old school geometry.  Personally, I would pick a new bike because the modern geometry bikes ride awesome.  Even the lower end bikes are pretty good.

      I have a kid on my youth team that refurbishes old bikes and loves riding them,  but he races on his new bike.

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      I would look into getting a new bike or a used bike (2017+).

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