Problem with PIKE RCT3 ,DPA (dual Position) ,160 , 2016

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      I just bought a brand new PIKE (DPA 160 RCT3 2016), cut the steerer and installed it in my bike.
      It seems to have an issue though:

      It cannot set to the lower position (130mm) without being able to fully extend after is set to small travel.
      Although it does get lower (drops to 130mm) immediately after I switch to the shorter travel while I am on the bike (i.e. with a minimum weight) , it comes back fully extended to 160mm once I get all the weight off the bike. It’s like it cannot lock to position to not extend further than 130mm. That is even when I push hard on it to compress it in order to lock it in the short travel mode.
      Otherwise It looks that works OK with the two setting (long and short) but I would expect not to let the fork to fully extend (above 130mm) when it is in the shorter travel mode, as that could be an issue in bumpy steep uphill climbs.

      The truth is that I have not ridden the bike yet. So, I will give it a try for a couple of times just to see if it is something stuck in the air spring (due to grease or something) and be unstuck after some use. If not I ll go for warranty.

      Does anyone have a similar issue, or advice to give?

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      <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>UPDATE</span>

      After a couple of rides the feature “unlocked” . No it works fine.It seem that something was stack in the air spring duee to excess grease or something.
      Anyway,  I have used it for more than 20 rides and it is fine now.

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