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      Has anybody tried cheaper cameras like the vivitar helmet mounted camera? I am still fairly new and am still building my list of MTB toys. I hear a lot about the GoPro and the Contour but is there anything cheaper that might still work?

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      Well, having just gone through this, I’ll throw my two cents in. I bought a Oregon Scientific something something for like 60 bucks on ebay. Decent reviews. Got it. It sucked. Bad. Bought a GoPro HD Hero 1 and just sold it so I could get the HD Hero 2. Completely worth it. Mtn biking is one of the those things thats shaky, so the cheaper the camera, the less image stabilization you get, in turn makes your videos unwatchable. The whole reason to film is to watch. I know you’ve heard it a lot, but there’s a reason. Just trust the reviews, friends, and people on here. Get a GoPro. I think you can get the GoPro HD Hero 1 right now for 199.99. Or the Hero 960 for 129.99. But I’m also the kinda guy that tries to make something work, when we all know you can’t take chicken $h!t and make chicken salad. Save up and get one. Best purchase ever. Trust me. 😃

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      Second that on the Oregon Scientific, it was awful.

      Look on Craigslist or ebay for the slightly older 720p Contour our GoPro. You can usually find one for a reasonable price, and they are still worlds better than the cheap ones.

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