Presta Vs. Schrader

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      Ok. I love presta, but a lot of people like schrader! Any pros of schrader that could sway me?

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      Presta valves were developed when road bike rims were getting so narrow that the hole from the valve was a significant compromise to the strength of the rim.  The few extra millimeters of material provided added strength to the rim.   For a wide MTB rim made of modern materials, that rationale for using it doesn’t necessarily apply.   If you like it, use it. Personally, I had an issue with the presta core getting screwed up and just decided to use Schraeder. I’ve been happy with the decision. The air chucks are available everywhere,  the cores are cheap, replaceable and reliable,   and the removable core with wider hole makes adding sealant a breeze.

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      Both allow a fellow to inflate and adjust tire pressure and keep air in the tire.

      Regina and Dunlop do too, for that matter.

      Now for Schrader Vs. Presta.

      Schrader passes a larger volume of air. Handy for tubeless installs. Removeable cores and cores are readily available. 8mm diameter stem. Stems for tubeless are available.

      Presta is narrower at 6mm diameter. Many choices in stems for tubeless installs. Many tubes have removable cores today. Cores are available in the LBS and even at Wally World.

      Run the type of stem that you prefer.



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      Schrader valves are more commonly found and supported at gas stations and service centers, making it convenient for quick inflation. They have a spring-loaded valve mechanism that allows for easy attachment of pumps without the need for additional adapters. The valve design also prevents air leakage during inflation or when disconnecting the pump. Schrader valves are typically more affordable and widely available compared to Presta valves, making them a popular choice for recreational cyclists and casual riders.




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      I don’t have an argument either way. But I have never seen a tubeless option or set up with Shrader valves. Maybe I am shelter and it can be done but it appears all MTB rims are set up for Presta. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Not needing an adapter and more airflow an ability to get sealant in easier would be a nice benefits of Shrader for setting up tubeless if it even exists.

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      Good question.  I think the easy answer is based on rim selection.  I haven’t seen a “decent” set of wheels that uses Schrader valves.  They all are presta.  So that would be what I would want to be sure of.  What do my fancy carbon wheels* require.

      *because we all have fancy carbon wheels 🙂

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