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      I just launched the first social auction marketplace for performance bikes called Crank Farm.  I’m curious to learn about your experiences buying and selling pre-owned mountain bikes.   Appreciate any perspectives.

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      I only purchase used mountain bikes and have had good success. However, it is important to know what you desire down to the component level. You should also possess good inspection capabilities for the important bits like the frame, driver train, brakes, wheels and suspension.

      Since you are operating an auction site, I will certainly follow it. I will pay close attention to the type of MTB, the age, the description,  the brand and what upgrades were added. That will at least provide some insight as to how the bike was treated.

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      Thanks Oldandrolling!  I assume when you mention inspection that you generally buy bikes you can inspect in person?  I’ve personally bought used bikes that I didn’t inspect, and fortunately, I’ve had good success.  I know that isn’t always the case.  There’s a Lynskey Pro 29 on the site now, and the auction includes a walk-around video, photos, and a detailed description including components and upgrades.  Registered users can also pose questions to the seller and discuss the bike using the Feed.  Is there anything else you’d want to see or know that would increase your confidence in the quality of the bike?  Thanks again!

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      I looked at the Lynskey and that is a good visual with detailed specs. It makes for good comparisons.

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      Do you have a link to the website?

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      Got it.  I appreciate your feedback.

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      GJmtb, thanks for the question.  The website link is

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