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      I am looking for some calculations to optimize my overall efficiency. Does anyone have any ratios on height or weight to power output that I can use to determine optimal performance for an XC guy?

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      It’s just my opinion but I think such ratio doesn’t work. Ten people of the same height and weight will give ten different performance numbers.

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        Not really sure what kind of calculation you’re looking for in height to weight ratio.  But to optimize efficiency on a bike, which I assume is your goal, we all know correct fit is key.  Beyond that, maybe focus on how your power is transferred to where the rubber meets the dirt.  You may have already gone down this road, but maybe invest in a crank power meter (or whatever they’re called). Combine what it tells you with heart rate find your XC riding sweet spot.  Then you may be able to improve lap times by making changes to the drive line.  Some riders are better at high cadence and low power, others low cadence/high power.  Find the right crank length (how your power is leveraged) and front ring combo (how applied power is transferred to the cassette) for wherever you fall in that cadence/power ratio.  Then match up a cassette that covers the range of gearing you need for the terrain you expect to frequent.  Good grief.  I’m rambling on like I know what I’m talking about.  Best suggestion may be to ignore me. 🙂

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      Some interesting comments.  Thanks Fred.  I hope others “chime in” on this thread.  Coming from a running background with skinny legs, I’ve always definitely been a higher cadence rider.  I find power moves very taxing, especially early in the season or if I am out of shape.  I’m guessing power moves are more taxing on higher cadence riders than more powerful riders.

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      I found this table from Cycling Weekly during a quick Google search:

      Rider type 5 mins 20 mins 1 hour
       Professional 7.0 6.1 6.0
       Amateur 3.7 3.3 3.0
       Recreational 2.5 2.1 1.8

      Regardless of what one’s ratio is, I think the goal would be to always increase it. Sort of the power-to-weight ratio of N+1?

      If you’re looking to get faster, another aspect is bike handling skills. If you can go through a section faster or exit a corner faster, that will increase your overall speed as well.

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