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      I’m interested to see photos from folks who have converted vans/trucks for the van life. I don’t have one myself, so for now I just have to live vicariously through your photos. 🙂

      Post a couple photos (interior and exterior) and what make/model your vehicle is.

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      Tried to post a photo here but didn’t succeed!

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      Jim, the photo needs to be posted on the internet somewhere else before you can share it here.

      If the photo isn’t online yet, you can add it to singletracks here.

      Once the photo is online, right click on it and select “Copy Image Address.” Then click the photo icon in the toolbar on the reply form and paste the image address in the “Source” field.

      It’s definitely a bit of a PITA…

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      I tried to convince my wife that we needed a van… She cried and (after admitting that I was correct in my argument that it was the most practical choice) convinced me that we shouldn’t drop $25k on a vehicle she resents, even if it is the most practical choice.

      I have developed a reasonable alternative, but I don’t want to derail a good van thread.


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      This is not quite what you wanted but anyway here is a photo of my home-away-from-home, along with the horse that tows it!

      I haven’t seen anything quite like it in USA but its an arrangement that is quite popular in Europe and elsewhere.  The bike, front wheel removed, goes in the back of the car – a 2.4 litre petrol Toyota Ipsum with optional four wheel drive.

      The van, we call them caravans, has gas for cooking and heating, a solar panel, two deep cycle 12V batteries for lighting and running computer etc, two 26 gallon tanks, one for fresh water, one for grey water. A little bathroom with shower and cassette toilet.

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      4x4 Adventure Van


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