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      I didn’t see any threads for singlespeeds I thought I would fire one off. Come on lets see those rides!

      Here is my Phil Wood



      Here is the Build:

      Phil Wood (Sycip) steel frame 16.5"
      White Industries ENO cranks with 32t/36t/38t chainrings
      Phil Wood EBB
      White Industries 17t freewheel
      Generic black rims laced to Phil Wood hubs
      RockShox SID Race with push lock
      Thomson Elite X4 stem
      Thomson Elite seatpost
      Bontrager Evoke RL saddle
      Pro Koryak handlebars
      Hayes HFX 9 brakes
      Shimano XT pedals
      ODI Lock On Grips
      Sram Chain
      Kenda Nevegal Tubeless Tires

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      Nice DJ bike CP!

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      Here’s mine, right after finishing Snake #2 last weekend. Will post new pics soon…bike is currently on the repair stand getting a make over. New fork, wheels, and different cranks. 😼 Cranks are only getting swapped ’cause my bottom bracket is dead…the Snake ate it 😢


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      @CP: Sweet! I’ve really gone all out on the SS. I’ve been having a blast riding on the local paths and streets. Now all I need is for the snow to melt and trails to dry up so I can go play.

      : What do you think you’re going to do for cranks? I really like my ENO It’s solid and simple. gets the job done and relatively light weight too. The only bummer is that you need a special tool to swap out the chainrings. Also I can vouch for the Phil Wood BB’s.

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      I just swapped over a set of FSA Afterburner cranks I had laying around from my old bike.

      I looked at those Eno cranks when I built up the Jabberwocky, and I really like the way they look, but I really like the stiffness of an external bearing crank…square taper just doesn’t come close.

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      As promised, current pics. And yeah, the steerer is long, I’m going to trim it down a bit more, but want to leave enough so I can transfer the fork to another frame eventually.


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      Long steerer aside it looks nice.

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      What is that, like 9" steerer tube?….😆

      That’s what she said.

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      [quote="jboyd122":yhzkvb9r][quote="ChiliPepper":yhzkvb9r]What is that, like 9" steerer tube?….😆

      That’s what she said.[/quote:yhzkvb9r]

      Don’t act like you’re not impressed! 😆

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