Post ride fork maintenance?

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      After most rides (sometimes every other ride) I wipe off the seals and suspensions fork and have been applying max suspension spray to prevent seals from drying out and to keep the fork lubed. I have recently heard that this spray may cause corrosion. What should I do for fork maintenance after every ride and what type of lube should I be using to keep my suspension functioning?

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      I’ve heard that using spray on lube attracts dirt and dust to your stanchions which can get forced through the dust seal down into your lowers. I don’t think spray on lube is necessary as the fork has its own lubricant inside. The only post ride maintenance I do is wipe the dirt and dust off the stanchions and away from the seal. If you have the fork serviced every year to year and a half, you shouldn’t really need to do any intensive post ride maintenance.

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      Simplicity is the key here. No need to do anything fancy. Just a simple clean rug or a papertowel will do the job.

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      Yes, keep it simple. When you wipe down, be sure you aren’t mashing the dirt into the seals.

      I recommend running a small front fender at all times. Apart from keeping mud out of your eyes when it’s raining, a fender will help keep dust away from your seals.

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      GMBN has a great Youtube video and template for making your own fender.

      Pop bottle front fender

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