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      Curious if Rampage had an acute effect on anyone’s riding this last weekend?

      Let me explain…watched some of the practice and build days leading up to Friday’s event…watched all of Friday’s comp…if you haven’t you should check it out…which  lead to cubicle dreaming of tearing up some dirt.

      Saturday comes and head out with some buddies to ride, and I got to say it was fastest gnar ride i have been on…looking for drops and jumps, cleaning the techy bridges and drops…as we finished our ride and cracked a cold one…we all said “wow” we got after it today…..


      Anyone else get the itch??

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      I like your style! Glad no one got hurt on your ride and you were able to enjoy a cold one afterward.

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      No, not really. For me those guys have far more in common with Cirque Du Soleil than MTB.

      ….don’t get me wrong, they have some *serious* ‘effing skills, but for me they are, first and foremost, acrobats and aerialist that just -happen- to be riding mountain bikes.

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