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      I have a Trek 4300 and I’m having a problem with some of the gears. In 1-4, I’m fine. I can push hard and there are no problems, but as soon as I get into 5-6, problems occur. When I am just casually riding on the road, there seems to be no problem but when I go to stand up and put some pressure and start to push, it makes a pop and sounds as if the chain is trying to shift but the derailleur is aligned with the appropriate gear? Any advice or tips on how to fix this!? Thanks


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      It may look like your derailer is aligned but it is ever so slightly putting preasure on your chain to shift,you need to make small(1/4) turns at the barelle adjuster and keep track of your adjustments because you may need to go the other way if adjusting one way makes it worse..

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      Check chain and Cassette wear as it can cause the chain to jump when you pedal harder. Just an idea. 😄 Later,

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      +1 for chain and cassette being worn out. These are the classic symptoms of that.

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      maddslacker & fat billy, are you guys brothers? The resemblance is uncanny.

      pcfiegen – what they said.

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      If you’ve ever watched South Park, I’m "Evil Fat Billy" 😆

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      well ive seen issues with bottom brackets and barrings getting work out. and when they are in the drive chain it can put some serious pressure. it could be something as simple as replacing barrings or possibly the casset needs to be replaced like he said. if you are looking for something high end and dont mind spending the money you may want to take a look at something like the sram xx. something machined out of an entire block of chromoly. those things are build for light weight applications, and it is said it will be the last casset you will buy

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      maddslacker and I are brothers from different mothers. Thanks for asking. 😄 Later,

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      Sounds like classic derailleur adjustment to me. A 1/4 turn or so on the barrel adjuster either way should do it. Or, if you’re like me and find derailleur adjustment maddening take it by your LBS and they’ll tweek it in no time, probably not even charge you anything, but a tip may be appreciated.

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      If you can’t seem to adjust, check to see if your derailleur hanger is bent.

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      Definitely check for these in this order….

      1) Chain and cassette cog wear and tear.
      2) Bent or moved hanger. (just slightly bent or moved can cause issues)
      3) Check and/or Adjust Hi/Low for the derailleur, and then shift it into 5th cog and adjust from that point from the barrel adjuster on the derailleur or by the cable if needed. If no barrel adjuster on derailleur, look for it at the grip shifter.

      Good luck and the best of riding. On-On!

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