Pogies for winter riding. Awesome deal!

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      Can’t say enough good things about these pogies I have been using on my fatbike. Amazon is selling them for ten bucks delivered! I can ride all day in 20 degree weather with fingerless gloves no problem.  That is a big deal for me because I got a bad case of frost bite to my hands years ago in the service and have always had trouble staying warm since.   Try em, for ten bucks what do you have to lose! Besides ten bucks of course!



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      Nice! How well do you think theyd work with a drop bar bike?

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        Thanks for the tip Triton! These will be ideal even here for the “sometimes” cold North Georgia mountain trails!

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      Including these in today’s deals email, they look pretty sweet for $10.

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      Good question on the drop bars, I don’t want to give you incorrect info on that.  I THINK they may work, but haven’t tried it on my cyclocross bike.  For 10 bucks it’s worth a try though!

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      Those pogies were all that I thought about for 90 minutes today. Living in the South has made me into a wuss, it was only 40-ish, and I thought my digits were going to break off…

      …I will probably wear my ski helmet next time, it’s insulated and MUCH warmer than my summer bucket.

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      I use them up in Chicago area, wear fingerless riding gloves in 20 degree weather no problem.

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