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      I plan to buy a second hand full suspension MBT for weekend exercise. I found the following bikes from the local craigslist. Please give me some suggestion which one you think is a better deal. Thanks for your help.

      the seller told me it is a team bike and she paid more than $4,000 few years before. It looks really cool and with a disk braek.


      The seller said he used it only for 6 month/130mil and he paid $2,600 with upgrates. The bike is in good condition with no dents. Now he is asking for $500.

      I am new for MBT and all I want is a good reliable bike for cross country in local park.


      Jing :?:

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      OK that Cannondale is from 1997..Which is over 12 years old… You cannot find replacement parts for that fork anymore…Least you could try also the brakes are from Coda (Cannondale house brand)..Anyhow don’t let some fancy fenders or paint fool you…It may be hard to find replacements for that bike…But hey of you like it then go for it…Just make sure you can find parts to replace the worn out parts in the near future.

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      The pic is fuzzy but i think i see where the present owner spent money it looks like he purchased a new rear shock from Fox..

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      I would be wary about buying a used bike that you can’t inspect. Most people wouldn’t buy a car that they couldn’t inspect no matter how many claimed miles are on it. Just a thought….

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