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      Hi there! We are intermediate mountain bikers with 12 year old kids looking for pretty German/English speaking area to try next summer. We would prefer Austria, Germany or Switzerland as we speak some German & have relatives there so will be in that area to begin with. Also wish to do single tracks (not gravel roads) and pretty forests/mtns and prefer smaller towns (versus big touristy areas). We are not into bike parks/down hill riding. We are used to biking on remote trails in the Rocky Mts & in the mtns of New Mexico.  Just don’t know where to start looking!! Any help would be appreciated — Thanks so much!!

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      I’ll have to look back to specific areas and try to make some contacts, it’s been a while.  Considering that region, you won’t have an issue communicating with the locals.  They mostly understand English as they are taught it.  Deutsch/German, even some of the slang, you would get by with just fine.   One thing about the Alps is that their roads really hug the mountain side, so be ready for a ride around those especially if you take the buses.  Those drivers all think they’re Andretti and will drive like it.  Usually the valleys are rich with towns and things to do.

      My wife and I were out there before I knew about this website.  If you’re trying to stay around the Bavarian area to catch proximity to the other neighboring countries, you can check out Neuschwanstein Castle as well.  The terrain out there great.  I think it’s just figuring out what you want to ride and see, it’s pretty consistent unless your looking for particular landmarks or water.

      Jungfrau is a beautiful area in Switzerland and has trails with epic sites. (Just remembered that one)

      PM me back if you like and I’ll see if I can dig into some older stuff and pull something up.

      Happy Hunting.



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        Thank you! We have been to the southern Germany/Neuschwanstein area, it is beautiful there! I didn’t think there was mountain biking in the Jungfrau region, we would love to go there, but don’t know if there would be any easier trails for the children. I’ll do a little more “hunting” around that area. Thank you for your kind reply!!

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      Check out MTB Verbier, their operation is great and they have housing.


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        Belated thx for the Verbier link!! I am checking it out 😉

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      A few years ago, I stopped at Leogang, Austria not far from Salzburg.  They offered all types of riding, but I strictly road XC.  I road trails in the valley and took the lift up to the top of the mountain to hit the trails up there.  You should definitely check it out to see if you are interested.

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      I stayed this summer in the Engadin Valley in the Swiss Alps and Mtn biked the Corvilia flow trails about St Moritz.  A beginner can ride them but if you have some skill, they are super fun.   You can climb these but I took trains and feniculars up.  Highly recommended.  I also rented a guide, Matteo Cavinato from Corviglia Sports.  He showed me the best trails. Switzerland has Aron of great Mtn biking-also rode the Uetliberg trail outside of Zurich

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      My wife and I spent 3 weeks in Germany, northern Italy and Switzerland and we rode as much as possible.  One thing I learned is you will have a tough time finding info on trail networks like you can here in the states.  They don’t really have an imba type system devoted to trails and maintenance.  It was a lot harder to find classic single track type trails if you didn’t go to bike parks.  You will be riding a lot of gravel roads and alpine fire roads.  Single track trails are out there, just tougher to find in my experience.  That being said there were surprises like restraints and pubs out in the middle of nowhere off trails that were just beautiful.  And of course the Alps are magnificent.  Have fun!

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