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      I know they are not technical trails but does anyone else really enjoy riding on sandy trails through the pine forest?

      great trails (especially for decrepit old folk like me)

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      While not my favorite I find that it’s a nice change of pace to the other trails I ride.  The sandy tracks through pine forest that I ride are very narrow and are a good challenge to ride at speed… without clipping your bars!

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      Frankly, the unimproved “deer trail” is one of my favorite haunts. With a plusser and proper tire pressure, I can go miles without drama. The forest terrain is typically loose, loamy and oft sandy. A pair of Rocket Ron 3.0’s serve very well as opposed to a more aggressive tire since they will not displace the material and stay afloat. I tend to enjoy a single speed plusser as well as geared and a full squish in these places.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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