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      Hello to all, semi-newb here. After a spell of motorcycle focus, I’m back into bikes full-bore. Still riding my Honda Interceptor but Pedal Power is too much fun! Now I’m riding a 1995 Trek 820 Rigid and loving it! The last time I was MTBing I went down Capt. Jack’s trail on a borrowed Diamondback in Colorado Springs…scared to hell but hooked. After a couple of years I’m into it all, Road Bike (Hotter than Hell 100), MTB, and a 02′ Hoffman Resistance I’m equipping for trail work. Great site!!!

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      Welcome man,I just recently got the bug again and joined the site last weekend and am looking forward to riding again.

      Very cool site,I love the trail guide and everyone I’ve chatted with is cool!

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      hey man, nice to hear that you are back into riding, Trek 820 is definitely a good bike to start back up on again. Good luck riding those trails too.

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