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      I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer so allow me to qualify my question that is forthcoming. lol. I on occasion submit pics of various trails that I ride by visiting that particular trail and adding there. Which I will also add reviews from time to time.

      My question is this: When I log on to Singletracks and open the Home page and begin scrolling down I find random “Photos of the Day” that are quite awesome by the way.

      How or where does one go about submitting a pic for this honor?

      Thanks in advance.

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      All photos submitted to singletracks are considered for photo of the day by our editors.

      Each photo submission is also added to the homepage before our editors even see it, but in a limited test run. So, X% of people will see your photo on the homepage, and each time it receives an “upvote,” that % goes up until it potentially reaches 100% and everyone sees it. Conversely, each downvote reduces the % of people who see the photo until no one sees it (on the homepage, anyway.)

      You may or may not see your own photos on the homepage, depending on whether you’re part of the X% when you hit the page. However, each refresh of the homepage rolls the dice again, meaning you’ll see different photos each time, potentially including your own.

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      Hey man, as Jeff said, all photos uploaded to Singletracks are considered for POD. But if you’re interested in increasing your chances of getting your photo selected, here are some tips from our POD FAQ section:

      (PS find the full POD gallery here: )

      How do I submit a photo for consideration as a POD?Upload it to Fill in as many details about the photo as possible including the location, trail, and photographer.

      How is the POD selected?There is no single factor that determines which photos will be selected for POD. Some photos have certain defining factors that make them desirable, and other photos have very different factors. However, here are a few key guidelines:

      • Most of the PODs feature someone actually riding a mountain bike, and absolutely all of them will relate to mountain biking in some way. However, having a rider in your shot is not absolutely necessary if you do an excellent job of one of the next points.
      • Your photo has a much better chance of getting selected if it makes good use of basic artistic elements. Some of these elements include composition, light, and color.
      • Another way to help your photo stand out is to have the image tell a story. Since this is mountain biking, it isn’t absolutely necessary: pure action shots are totally fine. But telling a story with your photograph can definitely help it stand out above the rest.
      • All photos selected measure a length of at least 900 pixels along their longest side.

      Finally, we want to be clear that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to have your image featured as POD… you don’t even need to own a professional-grade camera. If you enjoy taking photos with your point-and-shoot and you think you have a couple of great images, we would love to see them! While we won’t be featuring just any old snapshot, the bar isn’t set so high that only the elite can reach it. We want to see your photographs, and we want to share them with the world!

      What information should I include when I upload my photo?At a bare minimum, we suggest that you include the name of the photographer, the name of any riders in the photo, and the location. You can also include a brief caption, and a url to your personal blog or website.

      What benefit do I receive from having my photo featured as POD?You get the satisfaction of having your photography skills recognized and having your images displayed before hundreds of thousands of mountain bikers across the globe! In addition, if you have a blog or personal website, we will link up to your blog from the weekly POD blog post here on This will undoubtedly send you some new visitors, and it’ll also provide some SEO benefit from the #1 mountain bike blog. In addition, we may run related contests from time to time.

      What legal information should I be aware of when I upload my photo?You are only allowed to upload photos that you have the legal rights to, i.e. only if you are the person who took the photograph. You retain ownership of the photograph, but by uploading/submitting it, you are giving permission to distribute it online and use it as we see fit. Photograph usage and distribution will probably include, but is not limited to:

      • Use on the POD page of
      • Use on the Facebook page
      • Publication on the blog
      • Publication on the forum
      • Publication in the email newsletter

      If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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