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      I’m headed to Phoenix, AZ for a short MTB trip, basically ridding two days. I would like to hit the two best trails in the area while I’m in town. I’ve looked at the following three trails, National Loop, Trail #100 and Cactus Cup Loop to hit during my stay. Can anyone give me the skinny on the best two of these three trails? I will most likely be ridding myself as well. Looking for a challenge and good views! I’d love to hit some slit rock. I’m from the east coast, VA but spent a couple of year MTB’n in GA.

      Also, can someone recommend a good local bike shop?


      Sean Gilbert ([email protected])

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      Cactus Cup Loop! It’s the only trail i’ve had a chance to slice through so far in the Phoenix area. This reply is probly a little late for your trip but if you still haven’t made it out here or ever come back this way be sure to hit it up. There’s actually 3 trails out there, a long loop, a technical loop, and a real fast sport loop. Have fun!! -Hurdaddy

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