Parking for trucks at trails near Atlanta?


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      I’m a truck driver / mountain biking junkie and my boss gave me permission to bring my bike and spend a day riding occasionally. I was wondering if there were any good trails near Atlanta with room for a semi truck to get in and out of the parking lot. I could also just park nearby and ride to the trail. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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      How close to Atlanta are you looking to stay? Most of the better riding is found outside of the perimeter and at least 30-45 minutes from downtown.

      Not too far to the east is Conyers with The Olympic Horse Park. It has a LARGE flat gravel parking lot that is usually mostly empty. They bring in trailsers for horse shows and fair events pretty regularly so I would assume you could get your rig around in there as well.

      Just north of Atlanta, but not as good a ride IMO, is Sope Creek. Right off I-285 at the edge of Cobb County and the city of Sandy Springs. Ignore the parking directions on this website and park at the south eastern parking lot and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting in and out except in the busiest times of the day. (5pm-7pm) If you decide to go there and need directions just ask and I’ll type some up.

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      Cool…thanks. Yeah, I was leaning on Conyers and Blankets Creek. I just can’t go too far away from Atlanta, but 30 miles or so would be alright.

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      I’m not sure where to park a big rig near Blanket’s Creek. You definitely don’t want to bring it down into the parking lot. There is a nearby church that they use for alternate parking that may be more truck friendly but I can’t say first hand as I have never parked there myself.

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      I appreciate the heads up. From the pictures of the trailhead, it definitely looks too small for a big rig. I’ll go to Conyers first, then another time I may look for parking near Blankets Creek.

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      Next time you come up to Atlanta. Park at the church. Plenty of room there. Then just ride 100 yards down the road to the trails.

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