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      I’m going to be up in the Northeast for my sister’s wedding end of September. I’ll be driving with my brother from Lancaster PA up to Buffalo NY — so i thought, what a good excuse to take a few days and hit trails on the way!

      I’ll need to rent a bike for that — any ideas?

      Any recommended trails?

      Hope the weather cooperates….

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      Hey Gregger,

      I’m from the SE PA. Some of the below i’ve ridden and some i’ve just heard about and never tried out on my own. Some of it looks like its pretty much out of your way depending on how far you are willing to go out of your way…..

      You may want to take a big detour to diablo free ride park in NJ…

      A huge trail system just got opened a bit north west of Harrisburg in PA … … ening.html

      This may also be on your way up to Buffalo right next to Penn State Univ….

      NE of Lancaster, is French Creek State Park with some good riding… … _maps.aspx

      Blue Marsh lake near Reading has over 30 miles of trails also NE of lancaster…

      Weiser State Forest also has some good trails, roomer has it. Having trouble find a trail map for ya…

      Not to sure about renting bikes in PA, all those stops are in the middle of no where. I hope you enjoy you rides and time. Watch out for those rocks 😆

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