Owls Roost in Greensboro-another awesome ride

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      Had to work in Winston-Salem last week so a took the bike and made it over to Owl’s Roost just north of Greensboro in Bur Mil park off Battleground ave. The trail is the cleanest I’ve ever seen. It follows the banks of Brandt Lake and it was just a great ride. Lots of jumps roots and log pyramids and a 20 ft drop that I rode back and forth 3 times. Not very long though so it isn’t hard to reverse your ride and do it twice. A great place to ride.

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      Yeah, Owl’s Roost has always been a favorite and they’ve actually improved the trail a bit over the last few years. One of the new sections is (unofficially) known as the roller coaster and it’s got some of the best fast, banked turns this side of the Blue Ridge mountains. The 5 mile loop really seems much shorter than that because you can ride the whole thing so fast and it flows really well.

      Were you able to ride any of the trails at Country Park at the same time? You can connect Owl’s Roost and CP with the greenway path, they’re about 2 miles apart or so.

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      looking back at the map there are several areas up there that I missed including Country Park. My brother lives right off Pisgah Church which is just a mile from Country Park so I plan on doing that next week if I can. I missed the inside track that doesn’t parallel the lake and plan on hitting that next time. I do wish they had it a little better marked out there so you can know where you’re going without a map. Is the roller coaster area on the lake trail or on another? It was just a cool trail that I really enjoyed more than any around Raleigh. I do like Beaver Dam alot and have yet to go up to Durham but will do so soon. Thanks for advice.

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