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    I have a 2018 Giant Advance Pro 29er. In the areas I ride, the 50t granny gear on the Eagle drivetrain is so low as to be useless. I am looking to get a larger oval chainring. I currently run 32t chainring. I am wondering, should I got with a 34t or a 36t. Anyone have any experience or ideas? I have run the oval chainrings before, and I like them.

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    Go with the 34t. Two teeth is a bigger jump than you might think. After you get used to it, you might consider going up again to 36t. Fortunately chain rings are easy to swap and aren’t terribly expensive. Plus, you’ll have a whole set so you can swap out for trips, depending on the topography. (Note, chain length may be an issue so keep extra links on hand. Probably not a big deal going up 2t, but moreso jumping 4t.)

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      Thanks! Will order the 34T and will make sure it will fit my chainstays.

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    Just make sure your frame chainstay design can fit whatever size chainring you want to use. I’m running a 32 oval on (2) bikes and on one of them, there’s no way it would fit a 34.


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