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    Just curious on opinions about this deal as a first time MTB. I have experience with road cycling but am looking to pick up MTBing. I like speed but want to be able to handle fairly challenging trails. This is at the top of my price range but thought it looked like a good deal. Thoughts?



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    Yeah, that really isn’t a bad beginner bike.  It has an air fork and hydraulic brakes, which are somewhat unusual in a bike at that price point.  Orbea seems to be a good brand.


    You might be able to find something better used, but it will take some searching and involve the usual hazards of buying something used.  A lot of newbs have gotten started with worse.

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    I have an Orbea Alma (2016) as my hardtail. It’s an awesome bike. I’ve won XC races 3 times on it.

    Be aware, though, that they tend to run on the large side. I’m 5′ 10″, and size large is almost TOO large. Just watch the standover height, make sure it’s good for you, and buy it. Then ride the hell out of it. You’ll really enjoy it.

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    Thanks for the responses. I have done a fair bit of searching for local used bikes but just have not been comfortable with the deals or really found anything i liked. I think I have decided to go with a new bike at this point and think I’m leaning towards the orbea alma. Now I just need to convince my wife its a good investment! Thanks for the help!

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    If she wants to see you less. It will be the best $800 she lets you spend.

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    If she wants to see you less. It will be the best $800 she lets you spend.

    +1   Lol


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