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    I have been thinking about getting a used dirt jumper or just modify one of the hardtails that I have already. I have a Specialized Hardrock and a Trek 4300 that I considered turning into a “dirt jumper”. If I bought one my max would be around $500-$600, now I won’t be hitting the jumps every week but I would like to know I’m not going to destroy the bike. Any suggestions on getting a used dj or if I modify either bike what should I do to them?

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    I see used DJs all the time where I live for $3-800 easy. I personally would feel more comfortable jumping on something designed specifically for doing so rather than spending money on mods to existing MTBs. I don’t know what your set up is on those current bikes, but you need a very short travel fork (80-100mm), high stack which means running spacers under the stem and maybe even a slight rise stem with a rising bar (having the bars closer to you means you can manuever it in the air easier). Singlespeed is my preference to keep things simple and less stuff to break. Slam that seat and you’re pretty much good to go! Look up a dedicated geo chart and compare with your current bike and decide if, from a geometry standpoint, it makes enough sense to convert.

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    Thanks for the information I’ll go ahead and look up a geo chart and see which option is best. With the dj bikes what are some good bikes to start on?

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    Check out: Banshee Amp, Specialized P, Deity Cryptkeeper, Transition PBJ (or BLT), Morpheus Vimana, Giant STP, Santa Cruz Jackal… these are all hardtail DJs


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