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      I didn’t know too much about the brand but figured that they are pretty good since I see them getting good reviews in various magazines and they show up on Global Mountain Bike Network videos pretty frequently.  Then a guy I know that works at a LBS told me that their frames are made in China and cheap and that “you gotta watch out for these mail order companies.”

      What are your thoughts about Canyon mountain bikes?    Are they good quality bikes and are their frames durable?

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      Well everybody’s frames are made in China, so I don’t think that’s a reason not to buy them. Also, just writing off all so-called “mail order companies” is a bad idea, because many of them–like Canyon–are great bikes. Here’s a review I did of the Spectral a couple years back:

      Review: Canyon Spectral CF Mountain Bike

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      Well, more than likely the frames are made in Taiwan, not China. Just about every mid to high end mountain bike frame in the world is made in Taiwan. There are plenty of “eBay Specials” out there that are made in China and quality is probably suspect. But what do you expect from a $500 frame.

      The fact is, Taiwan has a labor force with the expertise to build bicycles out of any material. They’ve been building carbon fiber bikes for what, 20+ years now? They know what they’re doing.

      Having a company that stands behind their product is more important than where it was made. The location of the factory, frankly, doesn’t tell you shit.

      As for the guy at the bike shop, “mail order” companies (aka consumer direct) are a major threat to the LBS business model. It’s no wonder he was trash talking them. Go take a look at the bikes on their showroom floor and I bet you most are made in Taiwan, perhaps even in the same factory as Canyon’s.

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      The guys at GMBN and GCN really like them as does the chairman of IMBA. It’s a well established brand in Europe that is only new here. If you know how to do your own bike work or have a good relationship with your LBS you should be G2G.

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      I get why they are popular, the brand does offer really excellent value as they have cut out the bike shop part of the equation. The business model doesn’t work for me personally as I would much rather go into a bike shop and try before I buy to make sure I’m getting what I want. I also enjoy the interaction I get from my LBS. Different strokes for different folks though, right?


      I would say that based on the perception from others, on the whole they make solid bikes and if I was in the market and had tested one, I would have absolutely no problem handing them my cash.

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      Thanks for everyone for your thoughts.  Nice review Greg.

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      About 5-6 years ago a guy I rode a few times with moved here in order to further his racing career (road racing). He had a gazillion-dollar road bike, a tri bike….and a Canyon MTB. First I’d seen – or heard of. It was a sweet bike, top notch components. I’m sure the quality is comparable today.

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      Hi everyone, I just wanted to add in to this thread as it popped up on my radar.

      At Canyon we really are focused on the products, and you can see from the many successful reviews we receive, it is not just us that think so!

      I also wanted to add that we recommend you give the bike a try once you have received your new Canyon, (in the dry to get a feel, and on the road) and after that we offer an extensive 30 day return policy. We appreciate you cannot try our bikes, so we try and offer the best after sales we can! We will also be rolling out a huge amount of demo events in 2019!

      If you ever need any advice or help, we have a customer service centre in the UK and you can email us on [email protected] or contact us through the live chat!

      Keep shredding and hope this has helped!


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