Opinion on 2017 – Fuji Tahoe 1.5 '29 and Trek Xcaliber u7

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      I have been looking at mt bikes in the 700-1000 range.  I really need to keep it under 1100.  I used to ride a fair amount but getting back into it.  I have a Cannondale F600 that just needs to be retired.  So far I have been looking at the Trek Xcaliber 7 and the Fuji Tahoe 1.5.  The Fuji Tahoe I looked at today was 999(regular MSRP was 1150 and the 2018 is MSRP 1499).  Both bikes feel pretty solid for the casual trail riding I am looking to do.  Just wondered if anyone has any opinions.  It’s hard for me to tell if the Fuji TH is a step better than the Trek X or if there are pretty comparable.  The shop I found has just one Fuji Tahoe in stock.  The only other bike I looked at was the Trek Marlin at 750, but think I would rather shell out a few hundred more for better components.  So far most of the bike shops near me(intown Atlanta)have a slim stock of mt bikes.  There’s just a lot more of a market for road and hybrid bikes in town.

      Link to Fuji:


      Link to Trek:


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      Just took a quick look. On paper, the Fuji looks a step or two better in nearly all regards. Unless you have some issue with Fuji’s geometry (it happens) I’d go with the better spec for the price regardless of what the down tube says.

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      I own the Trek XC7, and would agree Fuji has the better components. I do enjoy my XC7, but I also paid $200 for it. How about buying used? The Trek has better adjustability for handlebar height, and the frame has internal cable routing.

      Fuji for components.

      Trek for the frame.

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      Ok, I was a bit off on my post.  Atlanta Cycling is selling the Trek Excaliber 8 for 999 bucks.


      It has the air shock and hydraulic disk brakes.  The shifters and  derailleurs seem to be similar to the Fuji.  I am going to check with Atlanta Cycling to see if that is sale price or their normal price, but I’m pretty sure it is their normal price.

      I have always liked buying new mt bikes but I’ll check Pinkbikes and see what they have.


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      Ok, so I find the Xcalbiber 7 on Pink bikes.  Dude wants 950????  The green is really cool though 🙂


      Often I see used bikes for sale where the guy is asking way too much.  Maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

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      It looks like Peachtree bikes has the Rockhopper Comp.  I’m going to go by and see what kind of deal they can throw at me.




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      I broke down and bought the Trek Xcaliber 8 for 999 at Atlanta Cycling.  Overall happy with the purchase.  There may be some better deals online but the Xcaliber 8 has a pretty solid setup.  ATL cycling also mentioned they were raising the price on XC 8 to 1149 tomorrow to match the website so good I picked it up today.

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      XC8 for sure over the Fuji. I bought my bike from a girl who got it as a gift for her boyfriend, but they broke up and she quit her job and school to move back to her home state. Enjoy the new ride.

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      Yah, can’t wait to get it out and rip up some trails.  I upgraded the pedals as well.  I would say if you are looking to get a new mt bike in the Atlanta area – Peachtree Bikes is the way to go.

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