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      I am entertaining the thought of getting an Onyx Classic rear hub, but I can’t judge whether they are suitable & reliable. On the suitability part, specifically, I enjoy riding technical stuff (let’s call it trials). Are they too spongy for that? I understand they are supposedly “instant engagement”, but it takes a bit for the sprags to erect from what I understand. Any estimates of how many degrees of pedal movement we are talking? What about longevity, especially considering frequent engagements of the freehub on technical rides and, presumably, a fair amount of torque? Any experience that you can share?

      It seems no bike shop in the area has them on a bike for a test ride, reviewers are basically just echoing the marketing induced speech bubbles or providing their opinion after unboxing, and I am reluctant to buy yet another “high-end” hub that is basically useless after less than a year — my experience with Industry Nine’s Hydra.
      If you are running them, can you please share your experience?

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