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    I just saw that a 105 year old man broke the hour record (velodrome)for his age group. That has me wondering how old are the oldest mountain bikers?   And how hard are they able to actually hit advanced type trails?

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    I’m not that old but at 60 I’m hitting the trails again. Started mt. biking again to stay in some sort of shape and cross train for the fall cross country season (running). Don’t really know where to class myself, novice or better I hope.

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      Awesome !!


      Hope im still getting on the trails at 60 or older

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    I’m 72 and make Pisgah, Dupont and Bent Creek my playgrounds. I can ride up 4 mile fire roads without stopping but only at 4 mph. I’m semi=fast but careful shredding the downs, won’t set any Strava records that’s for sure but I’ve still got the legs and lings to do something I truly do enjoy. Especiallly that cold beer at the Hub when it’s all over. Wish me luck.

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      you are a true inspiration to look up too!! ????



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    I call our group Team AARP. I’m only 52 but we have guys that are 56, 57, 58, 61 & 62 with a few guys in their early 40’s sprinkled in at times. The 62 year old is far and away our “gnarliest” rider. He’ll tackle tech stuff like the backside of Hi Line in Sedona that the rest of us walk.

    I was on a shop ride in Hurricane, Utah on Guacamole a few years back and was hanging with an older guy I would have guessed was about 58’ish. He wasn’t the fastest or riding the craziest features but was more than holding his own. When another guy didn’t ride a feature cleanly, he jokingly said it was because the was old at age 54. That’s why the guy I was riding with piped in that he was 72!! I Googled him when I returned home and it turns out he was 2-Time “age group” National XC Champion from Sun Valley. He changed my outlook and I know that at 52, I’m far, far, far from done.

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    that’s awesome. Planning to ride my bike til my knees can take it

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    Im 54! I started riding on trails in the 70s before there was “mountain bikes” or Mountain Bike Trails. (They were called mini bike trails back then) I rode a department store yellow 10 speed on trails..Then graduated to BMX bikes. I saw my first real mountain bike in 1984 when I was stationed in California in the Marines. I was hooked.

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    First – hats off to all those “mature” riders!  Keep grinding!

    I raced BMX when I was a kid – and was nationally ranked.  I don’t get as much “air” as I used to, but I think I qualify as a true Mountain Biker.  I am 53 and ride here in NorCal any where from 1-3 days a week.  Each ride is somewhere between 8-20 miles depending on location, weather, and time available.  My rides typically include anywhere from 700 – 1800 ft of vertical climbing.  I prefer singletrack.  I have ridden a few of the bike parks – Northstar (North Lake Tahoe) and Keystone and do enjoy the jump lines (within reason).   I enjoy the fast and flowy trails, but also enjoy some of the technical stuff.

    I hope to keep riding for a long, long, long time.  Its been in my blood since I was a kid and can’t imagine “not” riding!

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    I’m 62, been riding for about 20 years.  My wife is 63, has been riding for about 15 years.  I am still at my high school graduation weight, so pretty good shape.  Still riding advanced trails all over the west USA.

    My goal is to be mtb riding to 80.  Presumably I’ll be slower and more careful.

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    Last winter we spent October through February biking out west. (Home is NH). I’m writing about my husband who will be 80 next month. I’m 77. We could only ride every other day and only when the temperature would stay below 70•. That’s because my husband has advanced prostate cancer and is on 2 ugly medicines. Both destroy muscle and bone mass, and one has made him heat sensitive. We would only go between 8 and 14 miles depending on the day. Many days he would have to turn back because he just couldn’t do it. Twice he didn’t turn back, pushed it, and came scarily close to heat stroke. Good thing I’m a chicken and carry instant ice packs. And his condition too often made me have to bike alone. That necessitated that I ride only easy trails, or very busy ones.  We live on a long hill here in NH and he didn’t even bike here since he never knew if he would be able to make it home. So I solved the problem which I know will horrify many of you young guys. I bought him an E mtbike. Best thing I ever did. He’s now riding at home because he can get back. He tried his old bike and found he is much stronger. And his doctors are thrilled and urge him to keep pushing it. I’m writing this to you for two reasons. The exercise is keeping him alive and those of you who think you are old at 60 are wusses. I’m a hot ticket at 77.

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    ^^ That is EXACTLY what an e-mtbike should do! Keep you riding! Very inspirational post! Thank you!

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      Thanks for sharing crazy gram!!!


      keep on rocking it on the bike


      beat the cancer !!!!

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    53 here. Crashed hard last year in July and separated my AC joint. Missed most of the season. But, I’m back this year starting off a little slower but plan to keep going. Just upgraded some components on the bike….wahoo. Planning on not growing up and riding for as long as I can.

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    I’m 74.   Bought a Fuel EX7 and took up MTB last summer.  So far been on 29 rides in Washington, California, and one ride in Montana; only one spill when I hit a rut going downhill at Mission Ridge.  As an old backpacker/climber, I love how much farther you can go and how easy it is on the feet (maybe not the lungs!).  I see the climbs as a great way to add to an exercise routine.  And it’s plain fun, even though I don’t ride clean on trails, especially in the desert where it’s all rock. Best rides so far?  The lollypop on Calif 74 near Palm Desert and the abandoned West Side Rd in Mt Rainier park.

    Only problem is that often I ride alone…the Mountaineers club doesn’t yet have a MTB section and as a retiree, I avoid weekends when most of the action takes place.  I do think MTB is the next thing for old guys.  Again it’s great exercise and you see some of our beautiful country.

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    CRAZYGRAN good for you buying the ebike.  Ignore all the haters out there and do what is best for you and your husband.  My wife rented an e mountain bike in Europe this summer and was able to ride with me up the crazy climbs in Zermatt Switzerland.  Have fun, be safe and hope your husband feels better soon!

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