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      Are there any other old guys here. I’m 67 and just got back into riding again on an old stumpjumper, after moving to Arizona earlier thes year.  And now I’m now I’m thinking of a new bike, but not sure what might be the best for me, a lot has changed since I was last involved in mountain biking. The plus bikes look like they might be good as do the 29 full suspension bikes. Any suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks.

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      Welcome back, age is relative right?  I am considered the “old guy” in my riding group and I’m 54!  I have been really intrigued by the plus bikes coming out now, I have a couple 29ers that I love.  But really would like to try out a plus bike for the added stability they give.  Good luck in your search, take your time and welcome back to this wonderful sport!

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      Triton189 you have no idea how young 54 sounds lol.

      Thanks for your response, I’m very happy to be back into MTB. But boy a lot has changed since I last was riding. Especially the prices, but I guess it’s all relative. Let me know if you get to try one of the new plus bikes. There’s quite a bit of sand here in Arizona so I’m thinking a plus might be the way to go. Thanks  again

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      All I ever suggest is that you try one before riding.  Go to a rental shop and rent one for the day.  Enjoy

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        At 63 my next bike will still be full suspension for the back and lighter for the AZ desert climbing. Maybe a Cannondale or Trek yet I ride a great Turner Burner now but with 26″ wheels. Weight will be a factor and anything over 120 mm of suspension would be wasted as my drops just are not big anymore, unless I do Porcupine Rim one more time. Doubt I’ll tempt fate on very tech Milagrosa Trail again. Walk too much of it. So many good bikes coming out, demo as many as you have time for.

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      Good for you, “fsherfy!”  I’m 63, and still riding the same Colorado Front Range trails (i.e. lots of climbing) I rode almost 20 years ago, albeit a whole lot slower than before.  It seems like the older I get the more it hurts, but at the same time I’m much more aware of what a wonderful gift it is to still be able to do this thing I love.  I wouldn’t get too overly hung up on wheel-size and all that other stuff.  Get a decent bike, get out on those great AZ trails, and be thankful you’re still able to enjoy it.  Good luck, and check back in from time-to-time to let us know how it’s going.

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      There are so many choices, try to hit a few fat tire festivals and demo days, test ride as many as possible..


      As far as old, I’m 59, and the two people I ride with most are both 58, and when we ride with the bigger group we are middle of the pack for age.  The founders of the MB riding and trail maintenance group I belong to are a couple in their mid 60s and both of them can ride twice as fast, twice as far, and twice as often as I can.

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      Well these replies make ME feel better. I am 53 and have never MTB’d But I know I want to try, it looks like so much fun. Just need to build slow on my stamina and try to lose some weight. At least I am willing to try.

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      Here’s an article that resonated with a lot of old folks on bikes, in case you missed it the first time around:

      Life Lessons from Mountain Biking: Growing Up vs. Growing Old


      As for bike choice, test riding a good variety is essential.  I love plus size, but there is a definite weight penalty.  For most, a lightweight, full suspension trail (around 120mm of travel) bike with 2.4″ tires is the sweet spot.

      Here’s a few examples I’ve had the pleasure of riding/reviewing in the recent past:
      (don’t let the price scare you–these are usually top of the line bikes–each line has lower level components available on the same frame for a much lower price)

      Final Review: Rocky Mountain Instinct 999 MSL

      Final Review: Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition

      Test Ride Review: Orbea Occam TR

      Test Ride Review: Breezer Supercell



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