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      I have a 2012 Specialized Epic Comp 29er, The bike is very good condition. I’ve only changed the pedals and saddle. I am riding a lot more and doing some endurance rides 30-60 miles. I am looking into doing a lot more endurance races and definitely try stage racing next year. I don’t care about winning my age group or anything like that, but I feel like I’ve outgrown my bike.

      Do you think it is better to upgrade my current bike with new wheels,  fork, dropper post, handlebars, and 1X drivetrain with better groupset,  or is it better to just buy a new bike?

      Any advice you provide is very much appreciated.

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      If you’re doing rides of 30-60 miles it sounds like you are ready to participate in endurance races now.  And if you’re not looking to podium but just to compete then I’m not sure I understand the need for a new bike – or even all the upgrades right now – as it sounds like the bike is fully functional.

      But to provide any meaningful feedback it would be helpful to know the following;

      • Why do you think you’ve “outgrown” your bike?  Do you feel it is limiting you in some way?
      • Is there a reason you feel you need to upgrade all of those components now?
      • What’s your budget?

      If all those components on your bike are worn and need to be replaced that’s one thing.  And in that case, you should definitely look for a new bike as (quality) upgrades for all these components may well cost you more than the bike is worth.  But if you’re considering all these upgrades or a new bike just because you intend to race then I think you’re overthinking it.


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        Thank you for your input.   The rear derailleur is not working great because of a fall a couple months back so I have to change it, and I also need a wider handlebar. Very often I am adjusting the seat post, because of the various trails I go to, so a dropper post would be useful.  The other updates I mentioned are not a must and can wait. All the races I have done have been in Florida where I live and the terrain is not very rocky nor hilly. I am planning to do a few XC races up north with lots of elevation, and also looking to do the pisgah stage race.  I’ve ridden a SC Blur and Yeti SB100 recently and I immediately notice the difference in comfort, ride quality and shifting.  Maybe riding those 2 bikes are making think twice about my bike. Thanks again for your advice.

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      Hey Kepopoz, make sure you check to make sure your rear derailleur hanger isn’t bent before replacing the derailleur itself.  The hanger is actually designed to bend/break in a fall so as to prevent/limit damage to more expensive components such as the drivetrain or frame.  If the hanger is bent it’s an inexpensive fix.  Dropper seatposts will cost you anywhere from $125-$300+.  Check the recent threads on this.

      All that said, if you’ve got $$ for a new bike and can afford a bike like the SB100 or the Blur then it’s more a question of want than need, which I fully appreciate.    If you’re looking for a FS 100mm/100mm XC rig there are plenty of options out there (and even more if you consider a HT).  As for the Yeti and SC, the former is a bit more slack than both your Epic and the Blur but you can’t go wrong with either.  Just narrow your list and demo what you can before making a final decision.

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      I also have a ~10 year old Specialized 29 Epic Comp.  I recently tested a new Epic Comp and wow, what an improvement!  Bikes have come a long way from 10 years ago— boosted hubs, wider rims and tires, better brakes, better suspension, progessive geometry, 1x drivetrains, etc..   Putting a lot of new parts on an old bike won’t make it a new bike because bikes have changed so much.  I also considered putting some modern parts on my old Epic or buying a new one.  In the end, I decided it was just too expensive to put a $500+ 1×12 drivetrain on such an old bike and I would just repair the old 3×9 drivetrain which would cost about $150.  Those old 3x drivetrain parts are really cheap compared to modern 1x parts.  To my way of thinking,  the real question is— Do you keep the old Epic and just repair anything that’s worn out or broken or—Do you buy a new bike?  The old bike will still be an old bike no matter how many new modern parts you put on it.  The new Epic will definitely be a better bike.   Can you live with the old bike the way it is or do you got to have the new better bike?  If you ride often, I think it’s worth it to buy a new bike.  If you don’t ride often, then just repair the old bike,  keeping it in stock form, and keep on riding it.  Doing a lot of upgrades on an old bike is a waste of money.

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      I have learned and experienced over the years that my preference is to ultimately seek out the frame I really like, meets my riding expectations and fits me like a glove. This takes a lot of test rides. Then, I do annual upgrades all other components that wear out or get outdated until the day comes when my frame has been used close to the point of failure. Then, I start all over again. The frames I end up choosing are typically new or slightly used and last eight to ten years. BTW, I also perform the the inspections and maintenance on my bikes.

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