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      I’m a tightwad. 😃 Recently, Price Point had Hayes discs on sale at a price I couldn’t refuse. My bike is pre-disc brackets, but I had bought some wheels with disc hubs back in 2001. That’s about the same time I bought the Judy, so it had a front bracket. I was 3/4 of the way there. I began the search for a solution to the rear caliper mount. I found a universal bracket on Amazon made by (A2Z) that looked pretty heavy and kind of cheesy. I then found a bracket made by Sellutions that was much more sano. I emailed them about specs, and was told it wouldn’t work. Challenge accepted!
      V-brakes before:
      Fronts bolted right up with the adapter brackets
      Sellutions bracket mod
      All done

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      That is awesome that you were able to get it to work. I own a less than great road bike and the advice I was given was to just ride it until it falls apart. How does she ride now that you were able to get the disc brakes working?

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      That is awesome! I have a frame I’ve been wanting to move over to disc and have the same issue. Do you have a link to a vendor for that? Let us know how this works out, I’m very curious! What was the cost for the part?

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      OK, so the bracket I used is NOT for my bike. It was listed for Gary Fisher/Trek/Klein aluminum frames with a "bump". I thought it looked like it would fit mine. It was only $25, so I rolled the dice. Here’s a link: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_ … ting%2C542
      I MADE it fit by drllling one of the pre-existing holes larger:
      I then made an aluminum spacer to adapt the bracket hole to the frame hole. The cheesy hex/Phillips head bolt has since been replaced by a stainless Allen head.

      I am glad I could be of assistance. There’s nothing I dislike more than a non-useful/non-entertaining board member! 😆

      I haven’t had it on the trail yet, but I did notice that I can feel the flex in the spokes with the discs just riding around the driveway. I’m a fairly big guy at 6′ 3"/ 245 lbs. I don’t know if those little 6" rotors will handle my fat butt!

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      You should be fine with the 6" discs. I’m 6’4", 200lbs now, but I wayed quite a bit more than that for a while, after some health issues. I never had a problem with that size rotor.

      Thanks for the link. If anything, I think I can get the machinist here at work, who is a riding buddy, to use these as an idea to make one for me 😎

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      So, just a little update : it’s been out in the woods. The fronts were enough to put my sack on the stem. I didn’t go over, but experienced much puckerage.

      I think these may actually be lighter than the LX V brakes i took off.

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      Very impressive bike "hack". I’m glad you were able to get them to work just fine. I look forward to any future updates or other sweet hacks you perform.

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      Good work! I love older frames with new tech!

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