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      I’m an old school BMX rider from the 80’s turned MTB. Can someone give me an opinion on this entry level full suspension GT Verb “Sport” MTB from Dick’s? I purchased this bike for $599.99, did I get ripped off?


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      I wouldnt say you got ripped off. Its an ok bike. Its a good start to get into it. Ride it figure out how you like to ride, what you really want and go from there.  Good full suspension bikes cost 2k.

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      Looking at the specs this bike is an ok entry level bike.  The components are ok.  Rear shock not so much but you can change that out.   It’s biggest issue is the weight.

      Ride the heck out of it and enjoy it!  You don’t have to have an expensive bike to enjoy the sport.

      Check out kevcentral.com    This guy talks entry level bikes, upgrades, etc





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      That was a decent entry level shock 10 years ago. So okay for easy trails. If your skill level is there, you could ride it on harder trails, but it will be a lot more work than on a better bike. Ride it, have fun, if you find you are getting serious, riding regularly and wanting to do intermediate and advanced trails all the time, you will probably want to upgrade the bike in a year or so. You might be able to upgrade the shock to a Suntour Raidon R air shock for under $100. It is a good modern entry level shock, but not sure if it comes in a size that would fit the GT. Beyond that, the lowest priced fairly decent FS bike is the Giant Stance at $1500 (It has the Raidon shock) Most decent entry level FS bikes start at $1900 to $2100. But if you actually get serious, the break over point where you start getting really good bikes is at about $2700, I think the Giant Trance is about the best deal in mid quality bikes, and of course you can spend more than $10k if you want to go crazy.

      I actually went from no suspension at all to FS in 2015 with a Giant Stance. Rode it for two years on all types of trails and it held up fine, still have it and now ride it on easy trails and when riding pavement with the my wife. For harder trails I now have an Evil Insurgent full carbon enduro bike. I ride mostly intermediate and advanced technical trails.

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        I’m confused, if it was a decent entry level bike ten years ago what has changed besides technical advancements in suspension? If the price of an entry level bike is double or even triple of what I paid, it would seem to be a good deal? MTB trails are still the same, no? I bought this bike because of the branding, GT is a good bike and the components are upgradable to advance level <span class=”vg-sm”>componentry</span>. Seem the bike community has’t changed much. Some people always say expensive is better, these are the same folks that need an expensive bike to compensate for their lack of skill.  It’s really hard to get an unbiased opinion these days, however I truly appreciate your input.

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      Most of the people on this forum are riding intermediate to advanced technical singletrack. Your bike’s components would have a tough time handling sime of that stuff. Not just as far as helping you the rider through it, but also from a durability standpoint. Do you want to spend your time on trails riding or fixing mechanical issues?

      You came here asking people if you got a good bike for a good price and when people gave their honest and respectful opinions, you came back to say it is a good bike and suggested the people here get the more expensive bikes they get to compensate for a lack of skill.

      So, having said that, I’m confused, too. If you like your bike and it’s enough for you, all the power to you. Enjoy it and ride the hell out of it and you don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or what they’re riding. But if you’re going to ask for others’ opinions, please don’t turn around and insult them or their abilities when it isn’t exactly what you want to hear.

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        My bad, that was worded poorly. I apologizes as I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

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      I did not take your response as harshly as Charding did, so no problem.  But to answer you confusion, on an FS bike not just the shock technology has changed (and it has been a huge change, even just in the last 5 years), But linkage technology, and frame geometry have changed significantly. That is why that bike is so inexpensive. It is not actually a bad bike, but compared to what is available and even average technology it is way behind. Ten years ago a bike that good would have cost $1000 or more, and 15 to 20 years ago a bike half that good would have been twice as much.

      So you did not get ripped off, the bike just isn’t up to what most serious riders would considered current standard. But ride it, if you are having fun, no problem.

      But as you ride more and if  you start riding more advanced trails, if you can afford it full air suspension makes a lot of difference and can make riding even more fun. Beyond that, the $2500 to $3500 range is the best bang for the buck, where the bikes are so good, unless you are very serious you probably could not feel much difference from them to the top of the line pro $10k+ bikes.

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      I apologize for being too harsh. To clarify, I wasn’t offended or angry. Was just confused why one would ask advice and then seem to immediately discount the advice received. I know almost nothing about bikes and the little I do know mostly came from the fine people here and their experience, which has been immensely helpful.

      Anyway, it’s all good. Have fun, ride often.

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      A good rider on a cheap bike is still gonna beat the average rider on an expensive bike.  Hands down.

      This GT bike is fine and will serve its purpose.

      Get out and ride and have fun.   That’s what it’s all about.  99% of the folks here aren’t making a living going fast on an MTB and some of those 99% are riding way over their  heads and risking injury every time they ride




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      I bought my first mtb at dicks a year ago I gave it hell till stuff broke then bought a specialized, ride it man!!

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      I ride the same trails now with my fuse comp as I did with my gr from dicks, just a little easier that’s all man

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