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      Greetings, everyone! I’ve owned a mountain bike (Giant Acapulco) since 1994. I used it to get around in Japan while stationed there, but never really did any true mountain biking with it until 2014, when I started riding on trails around my house.  During the last residency of my masters program this summer (2015), I took the bike out on the trails at Hartman Rocks in Gunnison, CO and fell in love with the adrenaline rush of riding trails, at least as much as I could on a fully rigid MTB (accidentally did a double black diamond…oops). When I got back to the Springs, I started hitting Palmer Park and Cheyenne Mountain State Park, beating up as many of the technical trails as I could without breaking my neck.

      I’d been having trouble with tremors and stiffness for months, but when I rode, they all went away. No tremors, not balance issues, no stiffness–just me and my old, archaic bike beating up the trails.

      Turns out I have young onset Parkinson’s, so my time riding might be limited, but my wife just bought me a Specialized Pitch Comp for Christmas, and I plan to hit as many trails as I can in whatever time I have left in t he saddle. Riding (and martial arts) are how I fight back against this damned disease, how I keep my body working even if my brain isn’t so much. I’m no daredevil, but at least on this bike I can handle the harder stuff a little better. What I do know is that every minute on the bike is a minute I’m not worrying about this illness, so I’ll do as much as I can. When the snow melts, of course. 🙂

      Maybe I’ll see some of you out on the local trails!

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      Welcome Chris, sounds like you’re bringing a great attitude to mountain biking! I guess none of us really know how much time we have left in the saddle so we gotta ride every chance–and everywhere–we can!

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      Thanks, Jeff. Yeah, knowing your time at something you love is limited makes you value it even more. Looks like it’ll be 55 degrees this Saturday, so I suspect I’ll be out getting the new toy muddy.

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      Welcome!  And one thing about a problem like that is you really make the most of the rides when you can!

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