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      I’m currently on a cheap hardtail that I got used and I’m looking to upgrade to a full suspension as i feel confident enough but I’m on a very tight budget and the only bikes that fall into what I can reasonably get are only kona / cannondale full suspensions and maybe a boardman these bikes are all either 2007-2009 konas, between 2010 and 2011 cannondales and round same time period for the boardman

      Is it worth it getting a really old full suspension and just giving it attention and accepting it won’t be as fast as new ones and the forks won’t be as good (I’m use to shoddy forks )

      My budget is round the £500 mark which is round 700$ I’ve seen the carrera titan but it dosent seem as good as the older full suspensions

      Thanks for any help!

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      The geometry started to evolve to slacker head angles about that time.   If it feels good ride it.  The only concern I would have is whether suspension hardware like pivots bearings, linkages, etc. are still available.  At that price point your choices are limited anyway.  You can either keep riding the hard tail,  get a better hard tail or go with these.  The hard tails will have less obsolescence problems.


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      I purchased a used 2011 Kona Coilair three years ago. I did a thorough lube and inspection and a few small comfort upgrades seat post, handlebar, stem and saddle. The bike was in good condition and appeared to be well taken care of. Anyway, I love the bike and still ride it multiple times a week over some pretty rough stuff. My suggestion is that if you are on a tight budget go with a good name brand used bike and check out the frame for damage, all the suspension components and wheels. These are the upgrades that will be the most expensive assuming you can find the parts.

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      So what direction did you go?  Post a picture of you riding.

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      I got the Kona. It is my profile pic.

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