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      I have spent the past few weeks trying to decide which GPS computer to get but cant decide.

      I’m wanting one for off-road biking, mainly tracks and bridleways, I’m interested in guiding only, no interest in metrics for fitness etc.

      The ones I like the look of are Wahoo Elemnt/Bolt (I like the bigger one for guiding) and Lezyne Mega XL/Enhanced Super GPS.

      Any views as to which is best for off-road guiding appreciated, or please suggest an alternative (I don’t want Garmin, have read too many issues).

      PS. I wont subscribe to software, I don’t mind buying software/maps outright but cant afford subscriptions (£60 pa = £600 over 10 years!)


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      I’ve used GPS devices from both Wahoo and Lezyne (and Garmin too), though I’m much more familiar with Wahoo so that might make me biased.

      Wahoo seems to be the better choice for navigation. There are literally dozens of services, most of them free, that you can connect to your Wahoo account for finding and following tracks. For example, you can find or create a route in Strava, and automatically send it to your Wahoo to follow on the trail.

      Lezyne does offer a few units with color displays which does make maps easier to read than monochrome.

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      Couldn’t see how to edit original post however I Just Ordered an Elemnt – Fingers Crossed!

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      Yeah i have been looking as well for one. thanks for the insight.

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