Oakland/Berkeley bike thieves arrested

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      Good news recently:

      2 men arrested after carjacking of BHS Mountain Bike Team members

      These seem to be the folks responsible for the robberies Maureen covered earlier this month:

      Oakland Victims Recount Mountain Bike Robberies and Share How They’re Changing Habits to Stay Safe

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      I don’t live in this area, but very happy because I was deceived by a thief

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      These guys were habitual law breakers, not good people. I found the victim’s comments in the first article about income inequality to have missed the core issue entirely.  Just because someone is poor, doesn’t make them a criminal.  Just because someone is well off, doesn’t mean they are not a criminal.  It’s about values.  If you pull a gun on someone,  you need to be taken off the streets a long time

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      And we thought the fuzz was defunded…


      Way to go, police officers! Way to go…

      Now if the prosecutor will use due diligence and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!


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      It’s pretty darn bad it’s taken this long. That whole area up there is riddled with crime. smash and grabs and holding up mountain bikers at gunpoint are very common. BTW, they are already out on bail and the DA does no prosecute those kind of low level crimes.

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