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      hey guys.

      im off to Nuremberg his weekend and have found a couple a decent single track trails through here, but I’m having trouble finding a decent bike shop that I can rent out a half decent mtb? The best I can do is from adventure bikes which from what I can tell they only do diamond back mtb!?!!?

      the rest don’t even do brand I recognise.

      i just want a bike that isn’t going to fall apart if I take it over some jumps? Anyone have recomendations?




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      Yeah I am heading to Germany and Switzerland this summer and the website offerings are thin for rentals.  I have been told that there are plenty of quality bikes to rent when you walk in to most bike shops near trails.  You should be ok.

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        Great thanks

        ill post once I’m back and let you know what I find. Enjoy germany and Switzerland!

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        This is definitely no the experience I’ve had. Germany and Switzerland are two whole countries, you cannot make such a broad generalization.I’m not familiar with the mtb scene in Nuremberg (I live in Frankfurt), but I find it very difficult to rent serious mountain bikes. The rental business in general is more tailored to city bikes/touring bikes. Even closer to the trails, to get a proper mtb you have to do a shop demo. Now I can’t speak for Nuremberg, but my experience in various spots in Germany would lead me to believe that this is also the case there. The only time I’ve seem real mtb rentals is in the alps, or one of the nascent trail centers in the Mittelgebirge (smaller mountain ranges).

        In  Switzerland you may be able to find a bit more, because in general you’re often close to the mountains, but it can also be slim-pickings. One time while visiting friends in Neuchatel, Switzerland, we were forced to rent mountain bikes from Swiss railways. I remember them being rigid and with rock-hard tires. It was still a fun day out. Agai,n trail centers or any lift-serviced mountains with a bikepark will definitely have bikes to rent, although the cost will be astronomical (Switzerland is crazy expensive).

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