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      I’ve been noticing lately that after a few minutes of riding my arms will go all numb and tingly. i usually just ride through it as i know i’m pinching nerves. but, is this a common occurance to other riders? p.s. i’m not riding real gnarly rides with alot of jarring bumps.

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      nut9863, You are holding on too tight. Try riding with your index finger resting on the brake lever. With your finger resting on the brake lever you will not be able to grip too tight and the other fingers are plenty to hold on with. Give it a try. It won’t cure carpal tunnel or other issues but it helps a lot of folks. 😄 Later,

      PS: Do the brake lever thing with both index fingers to ease both arms.

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      Yep, try loosening your grip. If that doesn’t help look at getting a handlebar with more sweep and/or some ergonomic grips, like those made by Ergon.

      I have ergon’s on both of my bikes and LOVE them. Recently rode a bike with regular round grips and a very stiff, very straight bar and my hands/wrists were hurting after only 3 or 4 miles.

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      You may also try raising your seatpost. This was suggested to me recently and I hadn’t realized how relatively low I was riding in saddle.

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      Good one maddslacker!!! Along with what everyone else said…. are you leaning on your hands? I was having some of the same problems until I went to a Fox fork. Now, I am not saying go spend on a new fork, that isnt why I changed forks, I got the new one and noticed my hands stopped tingling all together. Maybe try with some adjusting of your fork so soften it.

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      While resting your fingers on the brake levers, make sure your arms, wrists, hands, and fingers are all in a straight line.

      You don’t want to go from numb arms to painful arms.

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      I have had similar issues and so first thing I did was switch to wider bars and that seemed to help a lot but I still had it from tome to time and the final conclusion was the straps on the pack… So with wider bars and a new pack (courtesy of the boss) the Osperey zealot 10, which has very thick and wide pads for the shoulder straps… i have rock a few packs in the last 3 years and the mule did help but not enough.. i have yet to have any issues with the new pack but i haven’t done anything longer than 2 1/2 hour rides with it..btw my bars on my full suspension are 31inches uncut and 28inches on my rigid niner… good luck

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      thanks for the replies. i’ll try the finger trick and get back to ya, can’t do it today as it’s raining out.
      you know some times if i can i’ll ride with just my palms touching the grips, i know it’s dangerous but it’s comfortable.

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      You might also have someone look over your entire "fit" on the bike.

      I’ve found over the years that having the bike mis-adjusted often puts too much weight on your hands and arms. Have someone look at your stem length to see if a change there might help.

      But I’m also a fan of the Ergon grips with a wide place for the palms of our hands. I don’t get numb arms, but I had problems with my hands that have largely been eliminated bu the Ergons.

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      I’ve also had the problems with the tingles. Thanks everyone for their suggestions.

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      I too had some issues with numbs hands.Went to a wider bar with 4 degrees more sweep and ergon grips. Big difference. Helped me alot.


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