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    Yesterday I took my 10 year old daughter riding at Dawson’s Butte and we had a great time, but it was apparent that she has pretty much outgrown her Specialized Hotrock.

    Today, just for fun, we pulled the 70mm stem off my commuter bike and cut its seatpost down to about 250mm and set them up on my totally tricked out (small) Giant Trance…and it fits her. She’s already calling it "her" bike. 😮


    I dropped the pressure in the fork to 50psi and the rear shock to 60psi and it’s as smooth as butter over curbs and stuff.

    The Easton XC One’s and Geax AKA’s roll fast and easy, and ironically this adult bike is lighter than her much smaller kids bike.

    Right now I am testing a 29er hardtail for the Singletracks blog, but once that goes back, I’m afraid I’ll be this guy:

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    Ha…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 I forgot about that commercial. Always did get a good laugh off that one.

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    Say "Goodbye" to your bike 😄

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    Now forget about your bike. Your daughter has found it more comfortable for her now.

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    That’s awesome!

    Now you get to upgrade to something even better!!

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    Who cares if you get a better bike or not! The time spent with your daughter on the trails will be priceless!

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    Need a son? I promise I’ll keep curfew… 😄

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    LOOoooooollllllllllll 😛

    Hats off 😛

    Now juzt forget everything and sleep tight in your rest place 😛 LOl

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    This is her riding my ex-bike at Dawson’s Butte:


    And test riding the new 2012 Giant Trance X1 W


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    What to Do now?Its all the Game of Bikes….

    I loved the sharing you posted dear

    Stay Blessed……….

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    Thx a Ton 😀

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    So cute ov U

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    Maddlacker?not spam at all I just thanked I think

    Mmm Must read detailes before talking about spamming 😛

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    Look at it this way: This is a great excuse for you to upgrade! 😼 😼

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    That is my plan, and my wife supports it!

    I’m thinking about a Giant Anthem X 29er.

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    "maddslacker" wrote

    That is my plan, and my wife supports it!

    I’m thinking about a Giant Anthem X 29er.

    Sweet! If you’ve got the wifely thumbs up, you’re golden!

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    Awww awesome I wish ya gud luck for that sweetheatr 😃

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    What does wifely thumbs up mean btw 😛

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    Lolxx… Whre u lost dear 😛


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