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      After a crazy day dealing with all the BS at work all day there’s nothing better than a good ride. I rode this fairly easy course close to work the weather was perfect 78 had the trail pretty much to myself 3:00 pm. 11 miles 1 hour with no one asking me a questions. Tell us about yours.

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      Riding some sweet, rolling singletrack with my wife on a trail I’ve never been on before. The day was beautiful. The cold beers afterward in town couldn’t have tasted better.

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      Our Monday night group ride this week was the first light mandatory ride, Black Monday my riding bud calls it. Leafy, chilly, but still good. After the leaves fall is not my favorite time of the year to ride, but the weekend weather has been very good so I have to ride anyway. 😃

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      I went on my "maiden voyage" night ride this past Tues. What an awesome experience. There are no distraction (except for the waxing moon with Jupiter in view and a few nocturnal critters) and there is no perception of distance with the exception of just what is in your lights focal area.

      My buddy and I took a trail I have logged over 200 miles on, due to familiarity for a first night ride; (mine not his). I have not been on that trail in a month or two. I was amazed at how fast we finished it. At least the perception of how fast. To my delight at the end of the ride I checked my bike computer and GPS and noticed that I blew away my record time by over 4 minutes. My best was ten miles in 48 mins. 50 secs. (The trail is not technical at all.) Tues. night we did it in 44 mins and 24 secs. with an avg of 13 mph. I was stoked about that. It certainly pays to ride with others. Especially if they are stronger riders than yourself.

      My buddy and I are going out again tonight with a larger group. I’m looking forward to it.

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      Took my first after work ride in 3+ months. Felt great. Not sure if it was because I was on the trail or because i was following my daughter on her first night ride.

      For the last 3 months, PK had cross country practice 3 times a week 6:30- ? Instead of just dropping her off, myself and a few parents did practice with them. Realized it doesn’t matter if it is trail running or riding, the hour or so on the trail after work is a wonderful way to relax.

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      I actually, rode twice the past 15 hours. This Saturday afternoon, went out with intent to bust the climb record at one place and take first but, I felt sick to my stomach and sluggish. That and my legs kept telling me to go to a lower gear, I only had 2 left. Guess I’m just getting stronger. So after a crappy feeling ride, turns out I still busted the climb time, but by only 18 secs.

      Then, went out just a couple hours ago for a 4:30 am ride at the most strenuous (as it’s ranked) trail in the area and felt great! Granted I could barely see because of my weak Bontrager ion 1 light, leaf packed as all get out, and deer cutting the trails, it was a blast!!! Especially downhill. I’m tempted to go redneck and strap my spotlight on until I get some legit lights… 😆

      Take care

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