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      I met a guy named Zane on the trails in Tennessee this past weekend and he was telling me about how awesome the trails in Bentonville, AR were. I want to get up there soon but I would love to hear opinions, advice and favorite trails from the area. Thanks!

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      I visited Bentonville last November, and I can confirm the awesomeness of their trails. My favorite trails there were probably at Blowing Springs. If you fancy good natural trails, it has a good bunch of them. My second favorite trail system was probably Lake Atalanta/the Railyard. The Railyard is a public bike park and the trails around Lake Atalanta have an entrance within the park, so you can kill two birds with one stone. I’ve heard the Slaughter Pen trails are amazing, but I didn’t spend much time on them so I’m not exact sure what they’re like.

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      There are so many different ways you can ride Bentonville/NWA.  There is everything from the Dirt Jump Park called the Railyard to big back country in the middle of no where Buffalo Headwaters with handcut 500 foot climbs and descents, to machine cut flow and jump lines at Slaughter Pen and Coler Mountain Bike Perserve, to long flowy miles of singletrack at the Back 40, to the tech and rockyness of Mt. Kessler, to the Downhill run (runs by spring) at Lake Leatherwood.  There is literally anything and everything!  You should defiantly go if you have a chance, truly great riding and lots of it.

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      One of my favorite places I’ve ever ridden.  I love the amazing variety of trails, you can do any kind of mountain bike riding you want, sometimes with in the same day or even ride.  Did a quick blog about our trip in October.

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