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      Just read that Northstar biking will be closed this year, probably due to construction of a new hotel. Man, that sucks! Well, guess its not that bad, just means more Downieville rides!

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      Realy? I heard open as usual:S

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      Hope so. Maybe it was an April Fools joke I heard?! I’ll accept that 😛

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      Well I’m all good either way, as I’m going to CO this summer 😃. Probably die on my wahoo HT, but its all for the fun 😃

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      Looks like it wasn’t an April Fool:

      Northstarís expansion nixes mountain bike park

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      [color=red:yc9c0waf]Here[/color:yc9c0waf] is the official statement from Northstar.

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      No, no no no!!! not good! very BAD!

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      Are there any other ski resorts at tahoe thatopeate like Northstar’s mtn biking park in the summer?

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      Nope, Squaw Valley did it years ago. I bet the Downieville shops are happy, that should really help pick up their business this year!

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